Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to Morningside

Welcome to my little corner of the country. I hope here to chronicle the life on our five and a half acres of heaven.

I've wanted a "farm" since I was about 12. My parents divorced, and I went to live with my grandparents on 40 acres of Oregon mountainside; outside of a little tiny "town" called "Mountaindale".

I loved "the farm", and after I married and began having children, I knew that I needed to be in the country again. This need wasn't just a physical need, it was a spiritual need; the need to have space and privacy notwithstanding, I needed to be an active participant in an agrarian lifestyle.

After a couple of false starts through the 1990's, we finally have a piece of property that has all the elements I felt were needed to really, finally, have a farm.

So far, our little farm has 8 chickens, including one bossy rooster; two sheep, three dogs,  four cats and one beehive*. We had a bummer lamb that we bottle fed, cuddled, diapered and babied until she was big enough to join the big boys in the pasture; the coyotes got her this last week, which was quite a blow; the realities of farm life can be difficult to say the least.

My goals are to raise a milk cow, with her calf being our yearly beef; to raise our own pork, to grow most if not all of our own vegetables and to become as self reliant as possible. I also know that these are lofty goals, and won't come about without much trial and error.

My hope with this blog is to journal our ups and downs; our adventures and misadventures as we make this journey; I invite you to come along.

*Late edit; I left out the bees. Pfffllllttt


  1. Look at you Ms Blogmaster! Funny how much we are a like. You need to get some bee's. Check Dandants.com
    Sheep are my favorite animal, so sorry about your lamb. Shayne took our little herd to the auction last fall and he couldn't herd them into the holding pens, so he got in front of them and they followed him. Hearing that teared me up in a hurry. We are going to get more in a year or two. In Draper we started with 3 ewes and a buck. Eventually we got up to 35 head. We rotated the bucks and then ate all of the wethers. That was our food storage program.

  2. OH my gosh, I forgot to include the bees! We have them, and I forgot to add them. Sigh. I'll have to make it up to them!
    Thanks for finding us!