Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hard at Work

Dad gave the children the assignment to ready the garden for winter; pull up the black landscape cloth, remove all the tomato cages, collect all the netting  and stakes, and generally get things ready to put the pigs in there to do our plowing for us.
I went to the feed store to get feed and hot wire for said pigs; when I left, things were coming along nicely.
This is what I returned to, and the first photo looks deceiving:

Does this mean I can't leave them alone, trusting the job to get done?


  1. Perhaps you should train them for politics?

  2. I would love to hang out and eat chocolate chip cookies in the country with you. I have many things I think I could learn from you English (you are a great writer, me not so much, where do I put that comma, right there that looks good:), Politics (I hate to admit I have an aversion to it, it is one of those things that flies right over my head, but I do do my duty and vote), how to take care of a farm (Ohh, I would love this). Your kids are adorable and I love that they love mud fights. How fun is that!!!