Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, figuratively speaking that is.

I've been away. Life has thrown me a few challenges; however, thanks to my Father in Heaven I have come out stronger, with my faith burning brighter than I ever thought possible.

Our little farm, despite the lack of written documentation, has puttered along, and we've had big changes. We bought milk goats; due to arrive in a couple of weeks, they'll be our primary source of dairy. We bought two bottle calves, both of whom will be lovingly referred to as “food storage on the hoof” until such a time as they are no longer hoofing about.

We’re making a journey into “real food” vs. processed, and I’m itching to learn to make cheese and grind my own wheat. Eating fermented foods is on the goal sheet as well; eating being the key word. I think I can ferment them easily enough; gaining the taste for them will be another thing entirely.

We have high hopes for the near and faintly distant future; I hope I can make the ‘Chronicles’ worth your time.

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